We organize your Mayan wedding in the Riviera Maya to celebrate your union.

If you and your partner are seeking to unite your lives in a spiritual way, connected with the universe and the elements of Mother Earth, the pre-Hispanic Mayan ceremony is the ideal choice for you.

The sacred ceremony that will unite you in body and spirit is conducted by a Mayan shaman who will, through his connection with mother earth, ask in a symbolic way to be synchronized with the universe, invoking the four elements to carry out the union.
During this ceremony, exchange offerings will be used to symbolize that they will receive the fruit of the earth and that it will transform into sustenance, as well as the union and prosperity to come in the future.

Following the tradition, the marriage vows will be read and the couple will make an offering of flowers, seeds, fruits and incense that make reference to the four elements of nature, symbolizing the beginning of life as a couple, as well as cocoa which symbolizes wealth, union and prosperity.

What includes?

  • Mayan or pre-Hispanic ceremony
  • Altar
  • Offerings
  • Clean of copal Ritual to the four cardinal points
  • Cascade of rose petals
  • Wine and cake for two
  • Wedding coordinator for the entire event

Additional services not included

  • Private transportation
  • Photography service
  • Meals and drinks (Mexican, Yucatecan, Italian …)
  • Fire show or pre-Hispanic representation
  • Authentic prehispanic dance
  • Ancestral music

We will be glad to support you organizing your special day.

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