For Blue Caribe, the well-being and safety of our clients and collaborators is our highest priority. Given the sanitary circumstances that have arisen worldwide as a result of the pandemic of (COVID-19), we have seen the need to establish and strengthen new sanitary and hygiene practices both in our facilities, as well as with our staff, suppliers , means of transport, food and items in common use on our expeditions. Always following the standards of sanitary and control entities both in Mexico and around the world.

Our excursions are characterized by their excellent service under the strictest safety and quality standards that will continue to be implemented in this new facet to contain and control the Covid-19 virus in our excursions. We have a team of specialized guides in different areas, ready to give you a unique and safe experience in the face of this contingency. All our guides and operating personnel have successfully completed the ALL ABOUT COVID-19 PREVENTION course, taught by the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

Blue Caribe is currently awaiting instructions from the three government orders to resume normal operations. Once the sanitary and mobility restrictions have been lifted, we will implement the following measures and begin to operate immediately, aligned to the official SEDETUR tourist health security certification.